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Our Story

The Sunara Foods story began more than a decade ago when Australian Naturopath, Garth Fortune, was researching for natural, organic superfoods, herbs and Mother Nature’s best which would supplement and remedy the nutritional needs of every human being.

At Sunara Foods, we love sharing all the good news of health, wellness and the happiness of the mind, body and soul. Not every day will you find a select range of superfoods and PhytopathicsTM specifically to suit the needs of today’s busy and ever-evolving world.

Developed and produced in West Australia, the Sunara Foods range of ingredients are sourced from the best organic sources internationally – moringa leaf, nigella seed oil, collagen, magnesium, silica and select herbs and other phytopathics. Garth has invested more than 25 years of research into creating the best PhytopathicTM combinations for the Sunara Foods range. Always keeping in touch with the ever-evolving needs of the everyday person, the Sunara Foods range extends and improves to fill the health and vitality gaps we have as human beings.

To keep up with our humanistic health needs, Garth learns and understands his patient and consultation needs at pharmacies, health centres, health spas and integrative medical centres to develop and produce select vitamin and mineral based products to fill the health gaps of our busy lives. All of this is for the end goal of - to increase the efficacy and health of the human body, mind and soul.

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